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  • What’s the judges role in a hackathon?

    What’s the judges role in a hackathon?

    Besides the participants, mentors, and organizers, another basic element for any hackathon is the jury.

    Event organizers invite a team of 3 to 5 judges that fit the hackathon theme and carry some credibility in the field they act.

    The judges are responsible for choosing the champion team. After the pitches, they gather and share their opinions on the presentations, evaluate the teams individually and make the hackathon most important decision: who will take the prize!

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    Sounds hard, right? And it is! With that in mind, we put together a list of tips for the noobies judges (or not) to judge all presentations responsibly and ethically.

    1 – Judge according to your expertise

    Pay attention and make questions that have to do with your skills. Are you a developer? Ask technical questions! Work with what you know, after all, it was what got you invited to the judging team.

    2 – Align your expectations

    Don’t get us wrong, the participants are very good at hackathons. But, don’t expect a completely finished and “ready-to-go” project. Of course, you can look for some degree of effort, but don’t forget that the project was completed during a marathon.

    3 – Does it work?

    Built-in MVP doesn’t have to be 100% functional, but solving a real problem is one of the essential criteria. Nothing too fanciful or unnecessary. Resolving an existing pain is kind of the goal of a hackathon, right?

    4 – Do you have a future?

    Depending on the hackathon goal, you can also consider the team’s future plans for the project. Is it practicable, practical, has potential? This can be a deciding factor when comparing what each team presented.

    5 – Creativity

    If one of the basic foundations of a hackathon is innovation then it is an item to consider. Creativity is directly linked with that “WOW!” that you internally release at the end of a pitch. Try to notice the reaction of other teams, pay attention to what surprises positively.

    #BonusTyp: Trust yourself! If you were invited to the jury, it was because someone trusted your vision. So, go for it and don’t let the pressure of picking a winner take the fun out of that experience.

    Did you receive an invitation? Follow our tips and good luck!


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