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  • Pitch perfect: the secrets to a winner presentation

    Pitch perfect: the secrets to a winner presentation

    When it comes to a hackathon, in addition to the skills that led to your approval on the event, another strength is also of great help to reach the podium: knowing how to make a good pitch.

    A pitch is nothing more than a quick presentation of your idea, product or business. Remember the school and college seminars? It’s almost the same thing.

    I promise you it’s less scary and much easier than it sounds. No, it’s not an easy thing for everyone, but with practice and a lot of training, you can make the perfect pitch and maybe the winning one!

    Let’s go to the tips?

    1 – Be Yourself

    Yeah, we start with a cliche! But in spite of that, it is accurate. You’re part of your idea and your idea has a lot of your personality, so why pretend to be something you’re not?

    Of course, the language will be adjusted according to the audience, occasion and everything else. But, don’t try to be who you think the audience wants you to be. They need you to be you, but they don’t know it yet. So: show them!

    2 – Be brief

    During a pitch, what you want most is for people to pay attention to what you have to say, right? A long presentation will make it almost impossible, after all, in the stories and Snapchat era it is much easier to lose the attention of the audience if the content is too long.

    Start by telling a little about yourself, but be brief. Remember that a pitch is to present your idea, not yourself.

    Having some bullet points on hand is also a good tip to keep the presentation flowing and not forget any important details.

    3 – Present the problem

    Your idea will become much more attractive if people know what it is for, and that means much more than just describing how your project works.

    Present the problem, then explain how your idea is the perfect solution for it. Highlight the gaps that your product could fill in the market, after all, there is nothing like it!

    4 – Appeal to the emotion (without forgetting the reason)

    Sharing a personal story is a very effective way of bonding with the audience and generate empathy.

    But, not all stories are good for that, ok? Choose one that helps you to contextualize your project. Your idea can change the life of someone you know? Talk about this person and how your product could help them.

    Telling a good story is a great way to make your pitch unforgettable. People can forget what you say, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

    Just make sure that the technical specifications are also quoted, ok?

    5 – Conclude with the indispensable

    If everything worked out, all eyes are on you right now! So this is the right time to hit your audience with the most important data!

    Briefly, present the main numbers of your project, your projections, and everything that is necessary for the public to understand the potential of your idea and how much it can impact the market.

    Last but not least, follow the wise advice of those who know what they’re talking about:

    “Practice, focus and enjoy the best opportunity to show the world how amazing is the impact your idea will have on society. And remember, every time someone ends up a pitch with “That’s it”, a unicorn loses its horn! “

    Laura Gurgel – Business Club Co-Founder and Founder Meetup Female.

    Follow these steps, rehearse as much as you can and you will have the universe of pitches at your feet!

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