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  • 3 initiatives for women in tech that you need to know

    3 initiatives for women in tech that you need to know

    There is no need for a specific date to talk about life-changing initiatives for women.

    “Over the past couple of years, a multitude of initiatives have been pulling out all the stops to raise awareness regarding inclusion in technological sphere and also working hard towards closing the global gender gap in the workforce. Boosting female visibility in this highly influential domain exposes a variety of different perspectives & views leading to increased impact and revenue via higher creativity and which in a domino-style effect attracts and retains a balanced talent set. All the initiatives working in this area have been doing a great job so far but a little extra attention on ensuring a long-lasting effect for fabricating an environment for women to connect and thrive in tech would do wonders for this world!”

    – Jigyasa Grover, Machine Learning Engineer | Red Hat Women in Open Source

    With that in mind, we have put together 3 projects you need to know and that are worth sharing every day of the year!

    Kode With Klossy

    The program created by the supermodel Karlie Kloss offers learning experiences and opportunities for young women to pursue their passions in technology.

    Kode With Klossy was created in 2015 and works as a free two-week summer scholarship for women between 13 and 18 years old. The program teaches how to build apps even if you never have written a line of code. You just need to be interested in.

    Karlie had the idea of the program after participate courses herself and was able to program a small drone.

    “I realized that, just like art and fashion, code is about creativity, and that women who have these skills have the power to shape our future & often have. Now, more than ever, women need to have a seat at the table in shaping the technologies that are shaping our world.”

    More than a code camp, Kode with Klossy helps the participants to build confidence in themselves and search for their share of this market.

    Women Thechmakers

    Google’s Women Techmakers provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. The initiative started in 2012 as a once-per-year event and now is a network made by a team passionate about empowering women in technology.

    Since 2014, WT has launched numerous initiatives and new programs to support women around the world and promote gender equality in tech.

    Joining the website you will have access to curated resources, career opportunities and events, as well as information and tools from Google, they’re partners and the ecosystem they belong.


    This international mentorship group is focused on helping more women to become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community.

    PyLadies promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through outreach, education, conferences, events, and meetups. Besides that, the group also provide a friendly support network for women around the world.

    With free courses from basic to the advanced level, women who participate in the PyLadies have the chance to learn as students, help as mentors and share as teachers. The main goal is to spread knowledge in an infinite cycle.

    Photo by Jacob Lund on Adobe Stock

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