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  • Why you should invest in your team members training

    Why you should invest in your team members training

    “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”

    – Henry Ford

    If you know anything about history, entrepreneurship, the automotive industry or have been curious enough to google the author of the quote above, you are likely to also know that it is highly recomendes=d to listen to his advice. But, do not worry, we’ll explain why you should hear that specific one!

    Why invest in training your developers instead of looking for new candidates? The answer to this works for all sectors, after all, there is no leader who does not want highly qualified professionals on his team. What exists are chiefs who consider that this qualification is an obligation of the employee himself, not the company. And that’s where the mistakes begin!

    Here are the reasons why you should invest in training your team:

    It’s cheaper than hiring someone else

    Unlike what many people think, hiring an employee who has been trained by another person/company ends up being a lot more expensive than training what you already have at “home”, not only financially but also in time spent. Finding someone who meets all the requirements of a company (or most of them) can take months!

    “It is through a selective process that, besides being able to evaluate the career momentum and the current skills of the employee, we also get to know their potential. This way, we can reallocate and plan the development of talents that can contribute to the challenges of a specific area and of the company as a whole “

    Analyst of Attraction and Selection of Rede Globo

    Investing in the team has quick and real results. An empowered team means more autonomy and less supervision. You can watch the professional evolution of your employees.


    To offer development programs generates for the company a catalog of successful cases, and this is perfect for attracting, for example, hackathon participants with growth potential, promising students for the classic summer jobs and professionals willing to grow along with your brand.

    Besides knowledge, there is nothing more powerful than words! In times that social networks and opinions are all over the places, a company that values ​​the employee can consolidate a positive image and attract the best candidates when necessary. Talent attracts talent!

    This is your opportunity to have a company that is referred to as a dream job in the academic setting.


    An employee who feels valued also feels grateful. And it is from this gratitude that loyalty originates.

    We’re not saying that coaching will chain them forever to your company (Henry Ford makes that clear), but it will result in a more committed, specialized and motivated team. And this is the behavior we understand as loyal and as a form of appreciation for the investment.

    Market upgrade

    The shortage of sufficiently qualified professionals in the area of ​​technology is increasing and, unfortunately, it may get worse. Investing in the training of developers is a way of collaborating with the market feeding the community with good professionals.

    The more specialized people available, the easier it is to find someone who fits the profile you are looking for. In other words: everyone wins!

    Invest in your team and see up close how much appreciation can spark an even better and more productive side of people. Believe it, the results are guaranteed!

    Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

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