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    Tech Recruiters 101

    I know that sometimes it may not seem like, but we are in 2019. The famous XXI century.

    The cars don’t fly (not yet) and shine silver jumpsuits are not the last fashion trend, but the careers we once called “from the future” are already a part of our reality. Tech Recruiter is one of them and we set up a 101 guide so you can quickly understand what we talking about.

    Let’s go:

    What is a Tech Recruiter?

    Like all the “careers from the future”, Tech Recruiter is a profession that was born of the companies necessity to enter the technology world. The migration to the digital universe led to the urgency of a specialized team and, at the same time, to the first obstacle: how an ordinary recruiter could build a team with the best specialists without knowing anything about the requirements this new professional should fill.

    Tasks like having technical conversations with developers and analyze the quality of the codes of each candidate, for example, turned in to big challenges for the common recruiters. That not only overloaded them but also made the whole hiring process slower and, therefore, more expensive.

    That’s when it comes the demand of a professional that, despite belonging to the human resources field, have the knowledge of a specific technology area. Someone with the right amount of propriety in both departments (Technology and HR) to know which candidate has the profile that matches with what the company needs. That’s what we call a Tech Recruiter.

    What’s the profile of a Tech Recruiter?

    Despite the job’s name, it is of no great importance to have a technical background and/or be a developer with an interest in recruiting to become a Tech Recruiter.

    In many companies, the scenario is more malleable, they bet on recruiters who specialize and are capable to build a bridge between these professionals and the market.

    “At our company, Tech Recruiter specializes in the tech market, dominates its structure and the diverse roles that professionals occupy. Here, the role of this professional is to engage the candidates in the selection process, speaking the same language, without necessarily mastering the technical part; this part we let our Engineering team evaluate”

    – Heloisa Vieira, Head of Recruitment and Selection of QuintoAndar.

    So, if you have technical graduation, knows a lot of the area terms, enjoy codes, programming, and everything inside the tech universe but also likes the contact with the public, loves being part of the community, have an interested in and/or often participates of hackathons, meetups and events like these: congrats, you have everything to become a Tech Recruiter!

    What’s the role of a Tech Recruiter inside the organizations?

    Summing up the previous topics, it’s easy to understand that a Tech Recruiter has the role to borrow his technological knowledge to the recruitment process of companies that have tech areas.

    But, it doesn’t stop there! Beyond successful hirings, a Tech Recruiter can turn in to the “company face” at conferences, hackathons, and fairs. After all, someone that knows well both sides of the game has the know-how to hunt new employees, just like the credibility to sell the best image of the company to the public (a.k.a branding).

    Want to upgrade your social skills, attend more hackathons and, maybe, bump into a Tech Recruiter out there? Keep an eye (or two) on Shawee social media, we are on fire!

    Image by Katie White for Pixabay

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