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  • Why it’s important to connect with communities

    Why it’s important to connect with communities

    Even with so many technological advances, platforms, applications, and social networks, the “good old” face-to-face meeting remains a very effective option when it comes to exchanging experiences, especially when there are snacks and drinks involved!

    Although it is a very old practice in companies of different segments, the meetings have undergone a kind of upgrade within the tech universe that goes far beyond a simple happy hour. The meetup is one of the ramifications of networking, but with a much greater guarantee of professional effectiveness, so to speak.

    The concept originated in Silicon Valley focuses on the interaction between people in the technology area who are thirsty for learning and new contacts, preferably, not too far from their homes. That’s because the spirit of the thing is to bring together professionals and enthusiasts from the same area/region/city. Cool huh?

    The technological universe goes through constant updates, every second a new proposal comes up, a new way of doing, a new way of using. Everything is renewed, literally, in the blink of an eye (or almost)! All this speed increases our need for constant information, so it is also very important to know and have where to collect them (in fact, this statement is valid for all types of information).

    People gathered together for the same purpose make things happen. “Innocent” meetings can start big companies, eternal societies, and revolutionary ideas.

    Meetups give you the opportunity to know more about certain subjects, not only through the people present and the know-how of each one but also through lectures, workshops, and conferences that are part of this type of event. In addition, of course, the well-known fruits of networking: contacts, contacts, and contacts. Believe, connecting people offline is still a great strategy!

    “I’ve been to a bunch of Meetup events, I was a speaker once, and it has always been a rewarding experience. I think it’s amazing that all these people from different countries and backgrounds – engineering, product, data science – get involved and share their perspectives on this A.I. world we are all building: collaboration and communication are the keys to build a thriving community.”

    Jacopo Tagliabue, Co-Founder and CTO at Tooso.ai

    In Brazil, for example, we have NerdZão, a free study group based in São Paulo. All the events promoted by them count on some type of course and/or lecture, always adding relevant knowledge to the meetings (a meetup!). The cool thing is that anyone can participate, regardless of technical level, just collaborating with 1kg of non-perishable food. At the end of the event, the food collected is donated to charity institutions. As we’re used to saying around here: “Uniting the useful to the pleasant”.

    The format comes from larger events such as Developer Week (we were there!), which ran in February in San Francisco, California, and The Developer’s Conference, scheduled for April in Florianopolis, Brazil (we’ll be there!). Both events focused on connecting developers and other strands that inhabit this sphere of knowledge.

    If you came this far and have not yet deciphered a response to the title (or jumped right to the end of the text), let’s go to what really matters: but, what is the real importance of connecting with communities?

    In addition to sharing knowledge, connecting with people of similar interest, collaborating with community growth, being closer to professional opportunities, being able to generate incredible ideas and to make your mark in a specific niche, whether it is through encounters, workshops, hackathons (our favorite!) or events in general, be in touch with the community makes you feel part of something bigger.

    “Feeling part of something bigger” seems philosophical (and is a little), but goes beyond the “good vibes” meaning of the phrase. Strengthening ties with the community not only has the power to enrich your team with content and new/best practices but also to make them stronger. Do you know that “we’re one” or “we’re stronger together” talk? So, that’s exactly what we’re talking about.

    Relacionar-se com as comunidades e sentir-se parte delas te faz entender melhor o “outro lado” que, no final, nem é tão “outro” assim, porque é seu também. Quer incentivo maior que esse?

    Connecting with communities and feeling part of them gives you the chance to understand better the “other side” that, in the end, is not as “other” as it seems, because it’s yours too. Is there anything more encouraging than that?

    Are you excited about the idea but do not know where to start? Keep following us through social media, we’re posting the best workshops, meetups, and lectures around the world.

    Photo by Perry Grone at Unsplash

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