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  • How to win a hackathon

    How to win a hackathon

    No, we don’t have the exact formula, perfect technic to follow or an instructions manual to win a hackathon. However, we’ve made a list with some tips that can help you to find the best idea and, consequently, take the victory home!

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    Think about a product you would use

    When it comes to developing a product, think about your pains and/or the pain of those around you. What problem, within the theme of the hackathon, you face frequently and what would be the solution?

    This is the simplest way to validate your idea, after all, it’s much easier to get the perspective of your target audience when you’re a part of it.

    Know your market

    If the problem you want to solve is not part of your reality, you must find out about it!

    “We all live in social bubbles, whether in the family, university or at work. Getting out of this “bubbles” makes easier for the participant to have new glances about old problems and thus create new solutions […] Empathy for the person or company that will use the product developed also collaborates a lot so that your technological solution outstand among the others and you score a great final score.” – Renato Rodrigues, Researcher in Digital Innovation (UFScar) and winner of Itaú Insights Hackathon 2018

    And this is literally a winner tip!

    Invest your time to understand what the target audience needs. Customer loyalty is a fast consequence when you deliver what the market wants/needs.

    Validate your idea

    The hackathon has a perfect ecosystem to validate ideas since, besides the people of your team, you will have mentors, judges and even other participants to help you with it.

    They are people with different abilities and visions of the world that can complement yours. What atmosphere could be better than this for validation?

    Take a chance

    Some of your ideas will seem crazy and maybe they are, but others can be very useful – regardless of how outside of the box they sound. The important thing is not to be afraid to develop them.

    Start with a simple prototype and evolve your idea bit by bit, build as you validate its features. The process will show you the best way to follow.

    This is it! Now you just have to put everything you have absorbed from theory into practice and, sooner or later, the first place in the hackathon will be yours! But, is always good to remember that, winning or losing, an event like this adds a lot to your life. In other words: the important is to participate!

    Stay tuned in our social media and don’t lose the chance to participate in Shawee’s upcoming hackathons!

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