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  • Working as a team in online hackathons

    Working as a team in online hackathons

    Still on online hackathons, after talking about the main advantages of the format, today we will focus on the dynamics of forming groups in this model of the marathon.

    For many people team building can be a blocker when it comes to signing up for an online hackathon, after all, not everyone walks around with a formed group, right?

    That’s why, most of the time, hackathon organizers are responsible for building the bridge (or at least they should) between the participants. This usually occurs on free platforms that are easily accessible to all applicants. Thus, even who arrives on a solo flight in the “hackathonic” territory wins a team, that is: networking starts early!

    For the shy ones, this may seem like a seven-headed hydra, but it is not! On the contrary, following the pattern of online interactions, it is less frightening than talking face to face with other human beings.

    But, if you still have some difficulty interacting, we have some tips that can help you with this:

    1 – Presentation

    Put together a brief presentation about yourself and what you can offer to the team you join. A simple thing, without too much trouble, talk about your knowledge, experiences that can be useful for the challenge and show you are available.

    2 – Attitude

    You won’t always run into a group whose only needs you to be complete.

    Sometimes, it is necessary to start the team formation instead of just fitting into one.

    Do you already have an idea for the challenge proposed in the hackathon? Comment in a generic way (to avoid copies) and talk to those who sympathize with your proposal. Just make sure that the skills of each one are within what the regulation requires.

    “I entered without knowing anyone and, therefore, I immediately started talking to some participants. In the first hours, I realized that I needed a more active posture, just put my contact and name on the team building channel wasn’t enough.”

    Jeferson Romano, Student of Innovation and Leadership Management and Member of the Group winner of the TotalVoice Hackathon Smart Communications

    3 – MATCH

    You arrived last and you can’t make a team from scratch? You don’t need to go crazy and choose the first one you see, ok?! There needs to be a minimum match between your skills and the group’s first draft project (if they have one).

    Where could you collaborate on this idea? What improvements can you suggest? Does the project cheer you up?

    Cultural fit is important even at these times.

    4 – Trust yourself

    It is common, even in face-to-face hackathons, that some subscribers do not feel technically able to play headfirst in the challenges and end up giving up. In online hackathons this behavior is even more common.

    Working with people of different levels of knowledge should not be an impediment, but an incentive! A hackathon (regardless of format) is a great opportunity to learn, not only from the mentors but also from the members of your group.

    Believe me, you may not think so, but you also have something to add to the other participants and the project in which you are going to collaborate.

    5 – Communication

    The fact that it is online and, in most cases, is longer than a face-to-face hackathon, does not mean that it is a mess!

    One of the advantages of being online is the possibility of working on your project in that quieter part of your day. So, one of the main tips for interaction and organization in an online hackathon is: COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM!

    A deal is a deal! Need more time on a task? Will not be able to participate on duty? Need help? Talk to your group! You are all in the same boat, use the communication channel for the purpose for which it was created: to communicate!

    Do you want to live an experience like this? Keep an eye here on the blog and on our social networks, soon we will open vacancies for the largest online hackathon in Brazil.

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