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  • Why participate in a hackathon?

    Why participate in a hackathon?

    Participating in a hacking marathon is an opportunity for multidisciplinary groups to showcase their skills and develop new projects in record time!

    In a period of 30 hours (or more), participants can self-challenge, show leadership, meet people, and even discover new skills!

    If you are driven by the passion of creating in business, innovation or technology, you should join a hackathon at least once in your lifetime to understand the real power of co-creation. Participating in a hacking marathon is an experience that changes, above all, your mindset.

    “An experience that everyone should have, regardless of area. Hackathon is an incredible learning tool. We call it Active Methodology education. Hackathon is the most incredible Active Methodology I’ve ever known! “

    Gustavo Caetano, Developer and Teacher.

    There are many other reasons why you need to experience a hackathon. We list some of them and call some participants to illustrate them with the vision of who has gone through this experience.

    Check it out:


    Hackathon teaches you how to work as a team and to be humble about letting go of your ideas once in a while.

    Karen Malzoni, Developer

    Just like in many areas of life, during a hackathon, good teamwork is the secret to success.

    Sometimes tiredness will speak louder and it is possible that “cross-answers” emerge, but none of this can override empathy and respect between the participants! Pressure and stress situations are great for getting to know yourself and your team.

    Learning how to divide tasks, assign roles, rely on the performance of others and, indeed, listen to the other opinions is very important for your personal development and that is what a hackathon is all about.


    “It’s the best place to learn, teach, challenge, test, and share everything! Ideas, technologies and methodologies. Hackathon is for those who believe that collaborating we can transform. “

    – Tuxu, UX Designer

    A hackathon is an ideal environment to leverage your skills and achieve good results in the developing of the challenge. In addition to testing your patience, when working as a team you will feel the need to set goals for each activity, find creative alternatives to overcome obstacles and keep the team motivated.

    During moments of tension, this combo of “needs” is capable of awakening the leadership spirit of anyone. Now you and your group are a single creature with the same thirst to reach the goal.


    “Technology communities give us the feeling of not being alone. We find people who can help us grow in our careers, learn something new, help with a problem and best of all: we find friends”

    Jakeliny Gracielly, Organizer of the Nerdzão Community

    In addition to all the work and absorption of knowledge, a hackathon is also a very conducive place for networking. You will meet a lot of people, exchange contacts, find incredible mentors and even meet potential investors!

    As much as the development of the challenge solution takes up a lot of your time, it is worth keeping the shyness aside, talking to other groups and interacting during workshops, meals breaks and moments of decompression.

    Networking is just the backdrop, what really matters are the true interactions that a hackathon can bring.


    “[Had it not been for hackathon] I would not believe in my ability to develop something innovative or that I could actually contribute to my teammates even though I did not have much experience. My self-confidence and creativity have certainly increased a lot! “

    Letícia Pedroso, Developer

    If you have never participated in a hackathon, it is very common that, at some point, you think you are not good enough for your team. But, do not let the anxiety of the first time and your superficial view of hacking marathons decrease your potential!

    Usually, the best solutions are thought by teams with different levels of knowledge, but that has a lot of creativity and harmony. Your skills will be useful, whether in pitch, idealization of proposal, brainstorms or simple HTML coding.

    Delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the end of the event creates such a rewarding feeling that your self-confidence levels will be automatically raised!


    “We all live in social bubbles, whether in the: family, university or at work. “Getting out of this bubble” facilitates the participant to have new looks about old problems and thus create new solutions. “

    – Renato Rodrigues, Researcher in digital innovation

    During a hackathon, innovation is in the air! This is the time to use the latest technologies, learn new programming languages ​​and, especially, take risks!

    It is suggested that the groups be formed by developers, designers, communicators, and business specialists, coming from the most diverse areas of formation. Imagine how many revolutionary ideas can come out of this whole merger with so much input around you!

    Innovation is the keyword to rethink society’s problems and the great challenges of modern times. Every marathon is a surprise.


    “It’s been 8 months since my 1st hackathon and I already went from an intern to an Educator in Technology and Arts at SESC. All I got was thanks to the hackathons I took part in.”

    – Jéssica Rampim, Designer

    Are you looking for a job or want to increase the field of expertise in your resume? The MVP that you create during a hackathon is perfect to upgrade your portfolio!

    Even if you don’t win the challenge, having a prototype developed during a real (and often proposed for large companies) challenge is a great way to show off what you are capable of. This is one more reason to take seriously the work you do during the marathon, after all, it will be a way to expose your skills to potential contractors.

    Participating in a hackathon is a no-return and no-loss path!

    Join one of Shawee’s hackathons or let us organize yours! Stay tuned on our social networks or visit our site to learn more about our work.

    Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

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