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  • Shawee Recommends: Movies

    Shawee Recommends: Movies

    In our first “Shawee Recommends” 6 months ago, the Shawee team recommended books worthy of being put on your wishlist. This time we focus on the seventh art: the cinema!

    We have listed some movies and series that refer to the “hackathonic” ecosystem or the specific areas of some of our crew. Works that are the perfect match between content and entertainment or that can somehow motivate your professional life.

    Check out the suggestions of our ~ dream team ~:

    Movie: The Founder
    Who suggested: Giuliano (Customer Experience) and Ricardo Queiroz (CMO)

    This one was a suggestion from more than one member of our team, so maybe you should watch!

    Based on real facts, this movie tells the story of a certain fast-food chain you may know (and love): Mc Donald’s!

    We can’t lie, The Founder is the kind of movie that makes you feel angry. But it also offers great business lessons on what to do and what DEFINITELY not to do!

    Lessons that, judging by the current status of the fast-food chain, are worth hearing!

    Filme: The Wolf of Wall Street
    Who suggested:
    Wendel (CTO)

    A DiCaprio classic that earned him the Golden Globe for Best Actor, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a spectacle of exaggeration based on a true story.

    Jordan Belfort, played by Leo, is a master of persuasion! A title that gains even more value when considering the fact that he works at Wall Street, the historic heart of New York’s current Financial District.

    Belfort works almost like a business coach, but without any ethics or morals, just looking for money. This part you don’t need to absorb, ok? But, it’s a big lesson in sales strategy and personal marketing!

    Movie: Pirates of Silicon Valley
    Who suggested: Wendel (CTO) and Augusto (Head of Design)

    The image quality already denounces that this movie is not so fresh, right?

    Released in 1999, this documentary/drama based on the book “Fire in the Valley: The Birth of the Personal Computer” shows the rise of personal computers and the beginning of the eternal rivalry between Apple and Microsoft.

    Good for entrepreneurs seeking inspiration, technology aficionados, or just for these wondering how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have become the iconic figures they are today.

    Serie: Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates
    Who suggested:
    Daniel (Head of Growth)

    This is a fresh one! The documentary is a snapshot of Bill Gates’s life and his search for solutions to some of the most complex problems on the planet.

    According to critics, the documentary available on Netflix shuns the millionaire’s achievements and focuses on the person “Bill Gates”. Something rarely showed.

    With three one-hour episodes, Decoding Bill Gates is a portrait of a man considered one of the most fascinating minds of our time. And we think that’s reason enough to binge-watch!

    Serie: Abstract – The Art of Design | Ian Spalter: Digital Product Design
    Who suggested:
    Augusto (Head of Design)

    Another tip from the Netflix catalog is “Abstract”! Focused on the design universe, the series has 45-minute episodes showing how different innovative designers work, think and influence our lives in some way.

    The episode recommended by our Head of Design is the 5th of Season 2 and features Ian Spalter, digital product design, who has worked for giants like Nike and is currently the Head of Design of Instagram.

    Inspiring, huh?

    If you like this ecosystem, watch the whole series!

    Serie: Mad Men
    Who suggested:
    Abraão (COO)

    Mad Men has an advertising agency as one of his main scenarios and a creative director as the protagonist. Despite being set in the 1960s, the plot offers several lessons that are valid for the current context.

    Knowledge with an entertainment cover is always welcome, right?

    Despite carrying the word “men” in the title, the series also addresses issues that focus on feminist struggles such as sexism, gender inequality, machismo, and harassment in the work environment. Problems that, unfortunately, are not restricted to the 60’s.

    Buzzwords, unforgettable characters, and amazing script explain why the series received so many awards!

    Movie: Thank You for Smoking
    Who suggested: Giuliano (Customer Experience)

    A classic of Advertising and Marketing classes, the film shows behind the scenes of the cigarette industry from Nick Naylor’s point of view. The character makes a living as a spokesman for the tobacco industry, working to ensure that cigarettes do not have a negative image.

    Despite the theme, it is not a pro-cigarette movie, but one about the power of communication, negotiation techniques, and debate strategies.

    Far beyond argument, the film shows how nonverbal communication, tone of voice, and body language can help a good negotiator defend even the indefensible.

    Impossible to watch and learn nothing.

    Movie: FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened
    Who suggested:
    Amanda (Content Marketing)

    If you are the type of person who easily cringes with embarrassment, get ready for the FYRE Festival!

    The documentary shows behind the scenes of one of the biggest and most fake advertising actions of recent times.

    Sold as a luxury music festival, FYRE was advertised by US influencers and supermodels, sponsored by top executives and rappers, and had its tickets disputed by members of high society. A highly boujee thing that would happen on an exclusive island in the Bahamas that was originally from Pablo Escobar’s collection. 

    So hot that tickets sold out in only 48 hours!

    But, here comes the plot twist of the documentary: FYRE FESTIVAL was a tremendously misleading advertisement spread by a charlatan. The entrepreneur who created the project bit off more than he can chew and ended up investing much more in promoting the festival than actually making it happen.

    The result? Chaos!

    Check out step-by-step of the festival fiasco in the documentary that proves the power of social media and shows that lying in internet times can have surreal consequences!

    Did you like our recommendations? Got any more to include around here? Leave us a comment!

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