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  • Open Hack: Shawee’s 1st online hackathon was a hit!

    Open Hack: Shawee’s 1st online hackathon was a hit!

    Last August, Shawee decided to put in practice one of our main #goals: an online hackathon to call ours!

    We started by the basics: understanding what would our purpose in creating such an event. The answer was simple: bring improvements to the ecosystem that we love so much.

    Long story short, it would be a hackathon about hackathons! After all, who better to improve this universe than those who are part of it ?! Even so, we didn’t restrict the project to the veteran audience and/or Shawee regulars. Surprisingly, – perhaps because we choose not to make a selection process – the 1st edition of Open Hack had a big amount of noobies.

    The “sign up and go” scheme reaffirms one of the 3 factors that we had as primordials in our hackathon: being global, being for everyone and being open source from start to finish.

    In all the hackathons we organize or participate as a platform, we value the fact that the creator has all the intellectual property of the solutions and this time wouldn’t be different. Since the beginning of this project, our purpose has always been the promotion and encouragement of solutions that make the experience of hackathons even more enjoyable.

    And now, who can work with us?

    With the challenge and the goals set, we had to recruit someone who believed in this idea as much as our team. Someone who could spread the word “hackathon” of hackathon all over the country.

    We invited Filipe Deschamps for that. A guy who not only knows a lot about technology in scale and team management but also makes a living of sharing all that knowledge. We couldn’t imagine anyone better than him for the job.

    Filipe’s and partner audiences such as RocketSeat were crucial in getting us a solid base of participants and giving Open Hack the proportion we always wanted.


    The strategy of not having a selection process worked as we planned and the partnerships we made were a success! The result? More than 1200 subscribers !! A personal record.

    It was almost 20 days of Open Hack, 1,222 participants from 14 Brazilian states, 29 groups, 996 developers, 121 business professionals, 72 UX designers, and 33 marketing professionals. An audience 88% male and only 11% female, but still with very significant participation of women (we’ll get there!).

    Twenty-nine projects that battle out in a Product Hunt voting contest, from there, 17 were selected to be analyzed by our judging panel.

    We invited: Igla Generoso (Digital Innovation One); Gabriella Sant’Anna (4Labs); John Calistro (TOTVS Developers); Laura Gurgel (Business Club) and Paula Pithon (CESAR) to evaluate Product Hunt’s top-rated projects and select the top 3 of the whole hackathon.

    The chosen ones:

    Get to know a little about the 3 elected projects:

    Hackatrack: Platform created tp reduce the stress of participants during the hackathon;

    Product Hunt Link: www.producthunt.com/posts/hackatrack-1

    TeamMaker: Online Teaming Platform

    Product Hunt Link: www.producthunt.com/posts/teammaker-v2

    Hackatuning: Hackathon Creation and Management PlatformProduct Hunt Link: www.producthunt.com/posts/hackatuning-hackathon-management-system-2

    All three teams had the opportunity to present their pitches during a live Youtube video, once again, by our buddy Deschamps! From then on, the audience dictated who would be the winner.

    The audience favorite project was Hackatrack, with a total of 301 votes, against 108 from TeamMakers and 78 from Hackatuning. Samuel Matias, Luis Barroso, Pedro Neto, João Ventura, and Pedro Bacelar, from group 55, won $ 2,500!!!

    Open Hack was a valuable experience even for those who didn’t take the prize home. We can’t wait to launch a new and improved edition of what we love to do, after all: We <3 Hackathons!

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