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  • How to apply for a hackathon

    How to apply for a hackathon

    Tired of signing up for hackathons and failing the selection? Maybe the problem is how you fill out your application.

    Yeah, it sounds like a simple thing, but all help is welcome, right?! The hackathon application form (more precisely, Shawee’s hackathons) has several fields where the answers go beyond “yes”, “no” or “all the answers above”.

    The questions that matter most have large fields for neat answers and usually, they ask the candidate to tell a little about themselves.

    Ok, not everyone likes talking about themselves, after all, it’s not the easiest thing in the world! We’re afraid of sounding too arrogant or too humble, forgetting some important information or even lying!

    ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

    But you can calm your little heart because, with our golden tips, it will be a piece of cake fill in an inscription that stands out among the others!

    Let’s go:

    Beginning middle and end:

    Not everything in this life has a beginning, middle, and an end, but your application MUST have!

    Not sure what to write? Talk about your career! Like a text-based curriculum. Same, but different! Nothing too fancy, just you describing your professional path to the present moment.

    Start with a summary and go deeper with each paragraph.

    Work with sincerity

    Some questions deserve a little more thought in the answer, especially those involving numbers!

    Regardless of your field of study, you need to answer sincerely when numerically leveling your knowledge in a specific topic. This kind of information is highly relevant to curation, so we need you to report accurately, okay?

    Don’t forget the hackathons:

    Have you ever participated in any hackathon? Talk about it! Tell us a little about the skill you chose to represent at the event, talk about your podium climbs (if you have any), mention what you learned in each experience, the solutions you came up with for each challenge, you can even tell some peculiar story that happened with you during the hackathon (if fits the subject, of course!).

    What do you hope to learn or achieve by participating in hackathons? What motivates you?

    Talk about your projections:

    Without fearing possible existential crises, try to explain, at least a little, the reasons that led you to that specific fact sheet and others before it. Is this your first time? Tell why!

    You don’t have to list all your life goals, but it’s cool to show where the hackathon ecosystem fits your plans.

    Parallel universe:

    And out of the hackathon? Who are you?

    What do you seek to learn after your participation? What do you like to do in your free time? How much do the solution development marathon ecosystem influence and vice versa?

    Yes, a subscription fact sheet has many questions and many answers, but all extremely useful when it comes to drawing POSITIVE attention during the selection process.

    Every detail, every information is worth it! Without losing coherence, of course.

    Next time you fill out a hackathon application, remember this article or just try to remember three things:

    • When it comes to curation, it is better for recruiters to know too much about you than too little;
    • There is always a waiting list;
    • You can do it!

    Good luck!

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