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  • From Hackathon to your Dream Job

    From Hackathon to your Dream Job

    “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”


    A Confucius phrase that it may look like a utopia, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. Moreover, among the advantages of being a hacker is the number of opportunities inside of this amazing ecosystem.

    After all, within the technology market, what another environment could be most useful to make connections and expose potential than a hacker marathon? A hackathon offers far more prominence to your talents than any other traditional type of interview. The event is a concrete chance to impress recruiters and consequently conquer your dream job.

    Okay, speaking like that, it may seem like the dream job is just an inscription away. But, unfortunately, this is not how it works. So we’ve made a list of tips that can make the process faster. Check out:

    Know your strengths:

    If you have no idea what a Hackathon is, maybe this universe is not for you (nor this text). But if you are already part of this ecosystem, the first step is to choose which event to sign up for.

    It seems obvious, but standing out among many other competitors increases your chances of being recruited. So if your goal is to get a job, choose hackathons with challenges that require skills that you master. This makes it much easier to show what you are capable of and have your work noticed in a positive way.

    Join the right people:

    One of the great pillars of a hackathon is teamwork, especially when it comes to an event focused on recruiting. After all, it is the most effective way to understand how a candidate acts while being part of a team.

    When it comes to setting up your team, if possible, talk to people and identify those who seem to have some sync with you and/or what you intend to present. Having a good team increases your chances of winning and, consequently, being seen by who you are there for: the recruiters.

    Focus on participating not on winning

    Although it is a pretty important factor, winning is not mandatory to stand out in a hackathon. Companies looking for employees at these events search for people who are passionate about what they do.

    Much more than coding or creating incredible products, you need to think outside the box and know how to put your innovative ideas on the table. Throw yourself into the experience, engage in the challenge and, winning or not, you will take something from it. Believe it!

    I didn’t win Itaú Insights hackathon, but that didn’t interfere on anything. To win or to lose the competition doesn’t imply anyone professional skills. My team for Itaú Insights is an example of this, even though we didn’t even make to 3rd place, 3 of 5 members were hired by Itaú. I’m one of them.”

    Marcelo Barbosa – Technical Leader of Itaú Unibanco, a job that he conquered through Itaú’s Hackathon Insights
    Networking, networking, networking

    Yeah, that little word AGAIN! This is because there’s no better opportunity to meet so many professionals in your area in one place than a hackathon.

    Think of the hackathon as a market where your tent sells a single commodity: you! Long story short: make contacts like crazy!

    Wait! Keep in mind that you need to be remembered but in a positive way. So be careful not to be annoying, no one likes annoying people, they are remembered, but not hired.

    Change contacts, show interest, increase your circle of influence. It is always a good idea to know what the companies expect from their candidates and what types of opportunities they offer.

    Hackathons proof that connecting with the right people and having a supportive environment to disposal your talent to those who interest, can change your life and make your dream job a reality.

    Our final tip? Keep an eye on what Shawee is up to and risk facing one of those challenges with us.

    Stop dreaming and do it!

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