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  • 3 benefits of an online hackathon

    3 benefits of an online hackathon

    We already talk about the different types of hackathons and how the possibilities are almost endless. Nonetheless, one format that has stood out in the ecosystem is the online hackathon.

    In today’s blog post, you will understand a little better why there’s such adherence to this format and, as the title already says, what are the advantages of choosing this model.

    Check out:

    1 – Convenience

    In a face-to-face hackathon, the participant is bound to work on their project at a specific time and period. Even so, it is very common for some people not to attend hackathons where they are approved, often because they have overdue appointments or overly busy schedules.

    When we talk about online hackathons, flexibility is a big factor. Generally, a virtual hackathon lasts longer than the traditional 30/36 face-to-face hours – which is already a big plus for participants’ burning minds – but more importantly, people with busy routines finally have the autonomy to choose when and how they will work on their projects.

    Do you only get free hours at dawn? Ok! Combine a schedule with your team and everything will be fine. None of this will interfere with your results, as long as there are discipline and dedication.

    2 – Diversity

    We all know how much the flag of diversity is raised in the hackathon ecosystem. A technological environment whose premise is to be open to all genders, ages, ethnicities, social classes, geographic location and whatever else you can think of as having to do with human beings.

    In short: the hackathon is everyone’s place, for everyone. Also, there’s not a more democratic environment than the internet.

    With the extra help of the world wide web, we managed to have a larger number of participants and a bigger range of profiles. People from all over the world can participate, just need to be interested and have access to the internet.

    This not only increases access to this type of event but also gives participants the opportunity to network with gigantic proportions.

    “The online Hackathon is a way to democratize and allow more people to have access to this innovation marathon. It requires more discipline and organization from the participants but on the other hand, it allows interactions with people from all over Brazil and the world! ”,

    Giancarlo Gomides, Head of Marketing at TotalVoice.

    3 – Budget

    Putting hundreds of people on a hackathon is the dream of any company that wants to give visibility to its business. But, how to do this without a stratospheric budget?

    Two words: ONLINE HACKATHON!

    In addition to giving participants the convenience of a hackathon without physical barriers, the online format ends up freeing itself from costs that are indispensable in face-to-face events, such as renting space, feeding the participants (who will be in their own homes), personalizing the environment, stationery, t-shirts, energy drinks and anything else that costs money.

    With all these savings, the company can invest a big amount of money in the prize, for example.

    Whether performing or competing, participating in an online hackathon is a transformative experience even for those already familiar with programming marathons.

    Like it? Keep an eye on our social networks, as soon we will release information about the LARGEST HACKATHON ONLINE IN BRAZIL. We count on you to honor this title.

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