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    More than liking hackathons, our team is truly passionate for this. We want to make hackathons be democratic, available for people from all over the world. With our online platform, we apply our methodology and dynamism so that the coding marathons can be more accessible to everyone, professionalizing the management and taking care of all steps involved, end to end.

    What are hackathons?

    An opportunity to apply knowledge and improve your professional network. How does this work? Developing and transforming ideas into real solutions for companies daily life, looking for solutions using technology and innovation.

    It is very common that hackathons are more focused on coding, but it is the creativity that stands out, which can also be related to internet of things, robotics and other areas.

    We contribute with the un sustainable development goals


    Eradicate poverty

    With the access to technology, poverty can be reduced.


    Quality education

    Technological education through marathons.


    Gender equality

    Making technology a space for all genders.


    Decent jobs and economic growth

    Creating opportunities in large companies.


    Reducing inequality

    Providing equal conditions for all.

    More than 40,000 people impacted in the last 3 years

    Benefits of a hackathon

    Hackathons are an excellent way to discover, develop and retain talents inside your company. They allow workers to realize their potential and to understand their role as something fundamental.

    The result: a positive perception of your company, with more motivation and talks involving technology, creativity and innovation.

    Why to talk about employer branding for tech

    The bad reputation of a company can cost at least 10% more per hiring. (Harvard Business Review)

    The investment in employer branding can reduce up to 28% of collaborators turnover. (Office Vibe)

    86% of HR professionals say that recruitment is becoming increasingly similar to marketing. (iCIMS)

    80% of the managers of talent acquisition believe that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring great talents. (LinkedIn)

    49% of employers believe that they don’t have tools to improve effectively their employer branding. (CareerArc)

    Meet brazil’s biggest on-line hackathon

    Imagine bringing together several brands from Brazil and abroad, each with its own challenge, involving thousands of participants. This is Mega Hack, the Mount Everest of the Hackathons.

    The event helps to develop new knowledge and create new connections. It's the chance to put your skills into practice, make a gigantic networking and turn ideas into solutions.

    Best of all, your work is yours. The intellectual property of the solution that was developed belongs to the group that created it. It is a basic premise that we do not give up.

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